Weather Devices I Own

Standard Shelter and Vantage Pro2 Plus Vantage Pro Console
Weather Shelter and Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 plus Integrated Sensor Suite and Weather Console.

My standard NWS weather shelter is shown in the upper left photo. I constructed it from discarded wooden shutters. Over the years I have always kept my eyes open for old shutters on bulk garbage collection days and have accumulated several. These are ideal for assembling home-made shelters. My Vantage Pro2 is mounted on a 4 by 4 pole just to the right of the sheler. The Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus weather system is currently used to gather the weather data displayed in this web site. The integrated sensor system measures temperature, humidity, rainfall, Ultraviolet Radiation ( UV ) and Solar Radiation. I use an optional Anemometer Transmitter Kit to mount the weather vane and anemometer on my roof top. Prior to May 12, 2011 I owned an older Davis Wireless Vantage Pro. The Vantage Pro2 Plus comes with a solar-powered aspirating fan that insures air circulation through the temperature probe shelter. This leads to more accurate temperature readings during the day.

Capricorn II Capricorn II
Hinds Capricorn II Digital Weather Console and La Crosse Weather Station.

I purchased my Hinds International Capricorn II over 20 years ago. It lacks some of the features found in most modern weather monitors. It doesn't measure precipitation and because it lacks an internal clock it can't store the time that maximum and minimum temperatures occured. It records the peak wind gust but not its direction. But I still love this system for its reliability. The Capricorn's digital display is large and can easily be read from across a room. I wish the same can be said for most modern weather monitors. I actually recently purhased 2 additional Capricorn's on E-Bay! Hinds International changed its name a few year's ago to Columbia Weather Systems.

HeathKit 4001 HeathKit 5001
HeathKit 4001 and HeathKit 5001 Digital Weather Computers.

I bought both of these weather stations in kit form and built them myself. The Heathkit 4001 still works but the wind speed indicator on the 5001 failed a few years ago. Heathkit sold all sorts of electronic devices in kit form. Unfortunately the company closed up several years ago. You can still get parts and manuals at Forecast Technologies.

Inside Weather Shelter Backyard View
A view inside the weather shelter and my rain gage.

The instruments inside my weather shelter serve as a back up to the Vantage Pro. I have a set of standard NWS minimum/thermometers mounted on a Townsend Support. A Taylor minimum/maximum thermometer is hanging from a wooden support. There are two antique Weksler thermometers that I purchased on E-Bay hanging vertically. The one on the left is a minimum / maximum thermometer. To the right you can see a standard thermometer. The top-most sensor transmits temperature and humidity readings to both of my Oregon Scientific Weather Stations. Hey, you can never have too many weather devices!

Inside Weather Shelter Backyard View
A view of my 2 Oregon Scientific Weather Stations and my Wind and Weather Solar Thermometer.

I own 2 Oregon Scientific Weather Stations. The newer model (BAR208HGA) is on the left. The older model (#BAR122HGA) is on the right. I actually prefer this model. It comes with a stand so you can place it on a desk or table. A mounting hole in the back lets you hang it on a wall. This gives you a variety of display options. The newer model can't be wall-mounted and with a taller profile, it is easily knocked over. Fortunately, the temperature and sensor units for both models are interchangeable. The thermometer on the right came from Wind & Weather and was given to me as a Christmas gift. It has a small solar on top that lights the unit's face for a few hours after the sun sets.

Inside Weather Shelter Backyard View
The instrument shelter on the NE corner of my deck and its interior.

I recently constructed a small instrument shelter to place on my deck. We spend lots of time there and I thought it would be interesting to monitor the weather conditions. It contains 3 sensors. One for an Oregon Scientific Weather Station, another for the La Crosse Weather Station located in the bathroom and another for a small Radio Shack Weather station hanging above the aquarium in the dining room.

Computemp Shelter Computemp Base Unit
The Computemp5 shelter and base unit.

I keep an instrument shelter on the north side of my front porch with a temperature sensor for my COMPUTEMP5 weather station. This device is produced by C & S Electronics Inc. The base unit is located under the television in the bedroom. Any time I walk up at night I can see the outside temperature at a glance.

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