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Last update at 15:49:07 2018-02-23
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Current Weather Conditions in the N.Y.C. Region

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The weather data shown above come from MesoWest & SynopticLabs. They have jointly built API web services using cloud computing resources to provide improved automated access to real-time and archived weather data. Their focus is to provide improved transfer of environmental information for public use as part of the National Weather Service's National Mesonet Program.

The round icons display current temperatures (°F). These stations range from Lewes, Delaware to East Falmouth, Massachusetts. This map was created primarily to help track the rain / snow line ( the 32°F isotherm ) as northeasters move up along the coast. It is also possible to see the cooling effect of sea breezes on coastal sites during the summer. Additional weather data for each station can be accessed by left-clicking on the temperature icon. You can use the map panning controls at the upper left to re-center the map viewport. These data are updated every 15 minutes. If you want to view this weather info in tablular form, click on the MESO WEST TABLE button located in the right sidebar.

The Daily Weather Map

daily weather map
Ice on the Hudson at Piermont, NY Ice on the Hudson at Piermont, NY
The big snow of 01.23.2016 and ice along the Hudson River near Piermont, N.Y. 02.25.2015   

Weather Summary For JANUARY 2018

A Very Cold Start --- Snowstorm on the 4th

Temperatures were 1.6°F ( 0.9°C ) below normal here in Bergenfield, New Jersey during the past January with an average of 29.9°F ( -1.2°C ). A maximum of 62°F ( 16.7°C ) was reached on the 12th. A minimum of 2°F ( -16.7°C ) was noted on the 7th. We experienced 25 mornings with minimum temperatures at or below 32°F.

Precipitation was well below the long-term mean at 2.23" ( 56.6mm ). The last 6 months have seen a precipitation deficit of 8.60 inches. We may be entering a serious dry spell. Snowfall was above average at 9.3" ( 23.6cm ). The greatest daily sum was 7.0" ( 17.8cm ) on the 4th.

The first week brought bitter cold as a polar outbreak engulfed the region resulting temperatures 10 - 20 degrees below normal. Strong wind gusts added to the misery. Conditions moderated after the 8th. The rest of the month trended above average with some brief cold spells. Five new daily marks were set. Low temperatures of 6°F ( 1st ), 8°F ( 5th ) and 2°F ( 7th ) set records. A high of 60°F ( 23rd ) set a new high mark. A major storm with occasional blizzard-like conditions set a new daily snowfall record of 7" on the 4th.

You can see a detailed monthly summary in the Data Archive tab under Monthly Summaries.

Previous 12 Month Temperature and Precipitation Trends in Bergenfield
AVG 40.3 38.7 57.0 61.0 72.1 76.2 73.5 69.7 62.7 44.5 33.1 29.9 54.9
DEPT +6.4 -3.1 +4.4 -1.2 +1.1 +0.1 -1.1 +2.2 +6.5 -1.4 -3.1 -1.6 +0.8
SUM 2.09 4.83 3.32 6.20 2.84 5.41 3.31 1.97 3.76 1.19 1.56 2.23 38.71
DEPT -0.85 +0.68 -0.66 +2.00 -1.29 +1.02 -1.01 -2.26 -0.25 -2.36 -2.40 -1.22 -8.60